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Studio 23 Management is an exciting new agency based in South East London representing young performers in theatre and on screen.


We work with children from age 4 up to 18 in all aspects of our industry, ranging from long running theatre shows to one day commercial shoots and everything in between.

Having worked on screen and on stage ourselves we understand what it takes to be a performer, not only for the young actor, but for the families who have to give up their time and reshuffle their own schedules to help them achieve their dreams.


We represent children who love to dance, sing and act. They should be confident and energetic, but also disciplined as days on set can sometimes be long. We carefully match each child to the director’s casting breakdown, so we will only ask you to travel to a casting if we believe your child is right for the job. We promise to never waste your time.


We will not charge you to be on our books, however there will be some costs to cover should your child be successful in auditioning for our agency.


The biggest casting database. Each child will have their own Spotlight page and number. From this we will be able to submit your child for suitable auditions as and when they are posted. Almost all theatre work and commercial castings would come to us this way so it is quite vital to any performer. Current cost ~ £100 per year.



These photos are the simplest way for us to promote your child. If they have strong headshots they are more likely to get into that audition room! As an agency we’d love all of our children to have two amazing professional photos rather than a handful of not so great ones. We are in touch with a wonderful photographer in central London who would do a deal at £40 or £50 per child (depending on numbers) where he usually charges over £200.


Workshops or Coaching;

We will endeavour to provide at least one workshop per year from an industry professional to give children an insight into what a musical theatre

audition might entail. Or if there is a specific audition coming up that you feel your child may need to rehearse with us before they go in, we will be more than happy to provide one on one coaching sessions.



Always the awkward bit to talk about. All agencies take commission, and you’d be surprised at how varied the amounts are across the industry. At Studio 23 Management we will charge commission depending on the medium of the job.


 Theatre ~ 12.5%

 TV/Film ~ 15%

 Commercial ~ 20%


The reason commercials have a higher percentage is because they are usually just one or two day jobs and we generally have to work a lot harder to get people seen for them as well as negotiating more difficult contracts. Theatre is less because the contracts are generally longer.


So, that’s us! We hope all of this information has been helpful and hope you will consider bringing your young performer to meet us. As a last note I guess it’s good to say that some auditions and castings can come up last minute, so it’s important that you would be happy to travel into London with your child at short notice. We will always try to make appointments outside of school hours where possible.

Please note: You need to live within 1hr's commute from central London.

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