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Studio 23 Performing Arts is a performing arts school, based in Forest Hill, South East London.  The school is run by Yvonne Scott who has over twenty-five years experience of preparing students for a professional career within the entertainment industry.


The school’s view is to get the most out of all its students, offering affordable classes, whilst maintaining a high standard of training within a friendly environment. Studio 23 Performing Arts has a team of committed professional staff who will prepare students to work professionally in the arts or to satisfy children’s budding interest in dance, acting or singing. Our school is committed to promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination.


Classes in Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Hip Hop/Commercial Jazz, Drama and vocal coaching are provided for students from the age of four to infinity! All our students are encouraged to take relevant examinations; entries are at the discretion of the teacher and pupils are entered according to their ability and age. All graded examinations commence from the age of four, but on no account are they compulsory.


At the end of each term we hold Open Days, where parents/carers are invited to come and watch their child taking classes. This is a great opportunity to see how their child is progressing, and have a brief discussion with their child’s teacher.



Annual Registration Fee                                    £14 per student

Adult Classes                                                       £8.00

Dance Classes (30 mins duration)                    £5.00


Dance Classes (45 mins duration)                    £6.00


Dance Classes (1 Hour duration)                      £7.00


Drama Class                                                         £7.00


Singing (group)                                                     £7.50

Solo Class (30 mins duration)                            £15.00

Solo Class (45 mins duration)                            £22.50

Fees can by paid monthly or termly in advance.

Please note: the fees are for weekly classes taken by the students only and do not include any examination fees set by any examination body, entry fees for competitions, or costumes for performances throughout the year.


Every twelve months, the School stages a major production, enabling all pupils to take part. Attention is paid to choreography, performance skills and costumes to make the show as entertaining as possible. Our performances are usually held at the Michael Croft Theatre, Dulwich.


As our show is organised over a short period of time we ask our parents to make a few small commitments.


  • During the month leading up to the show all the children will be required to attend full show rehearsals, which are held on Saturday or Sunday.


  • The School requires you to buy ready-made costumes or organises your child's costume to be made by our in-house dressmakers.


  • On the dress rehearsal and show nights, assistance is required from parents to help dress and support the children backstage. Parents and carers who support backstage must be fully licensed chaperones who have been DBS checked. We request that ALL parents/guardians assist on one or more nights to enable the show to run smoothly. If we are unable to obtain sufficient chaperones from our parents and carers, a charge to hire chaperones may be implemented in order that the show can take place in the knowledge the children are effectively and safely supported.


Please note that the show is not compulsory, all we ask is that we are advised in advance if your child is not taking part.

Our students have successfully been accepted at the following higher education institutions as well as pursuing successful careers in the performing arts
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